Sunday, June 23, 2024

Never Been So Safe In Your Life

My old friend Bo and I were between events on Saturday when a couple Angels passed us on the highway. Do not see more than one of the lads wearing their colours on the road too often. Soon after that we began noticing police cars parked here and there along the highway as well. Something was clearly up.

We were thirsty and early for our second event so we pulled into a bar just off the highway. Turned out that's where a great many other Angels joined by a number of small time associate club members and more than a few police and their cameras were spending their afternoon. Asked the cops if everything was cool as we walked towards the bar. They affirmed that it was and we walked in to find ourselves to be the only outsiders present.

"Are we safe?" Bo asked.

"You have never been so safe in your life," I assured him. Everybody was in a really good mood.

We ordered our beer and before it reached our table the place had emptied out. Never been in a bar with so many Angels before. Must have been the local charter's anniversary or something.

When I asked our waitress for our bill she told me, "Don't worry about it. The boys took care of it for you."

The Angels always been real good to me.

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